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  Chemical Carbon Brick
Alphatherm Incorporated When we hear Hydrofluoric Acid or hot caustics in the corrosion resisting field, the bells and whistles go off !!! These are particularly nasty conditions and require special linings to stand up to the severe chemical conditions. Chemical carbon brick can withstand most of the chemical attack, high temperatures or sudden temperature changes associated with vessels with such conditions. Alkaline solutions and hydrofluoric acid are of great importance in chemical technology, but they rapidly destroy equipment linings not made of carbon-containing materials.

While few companies or contractors run into problems with these chemistries, our customers can be sure that we have material in stock and ready to ship. At our warehouses in Indianapolis, Indiana USA and Markham, Ontario Canada, we keep a variety of sizes and some shapes. Non-standard sizes and shapes not already available can also be provided if the time frame for your particular project permits.
Alphatherm Incorporated Carbon Brick Alphatherm Chemical Carbon Brick
  A chronic problem with carbon brick applications is the short supply which has plagued the industry for quite some time. However, at Alphatherm Inc. we have found a solution to this problem through co-ordinating efforts with our manufacturers to develop logistical strategies that ensure we have a certain amount of carbon brick available from stock at ALL TIMES. Mortars and membranes for these highly sensitive situations are also not a problem for Alphatherm Inc.. In fact, a combined package of chemical carbon brick, mortar and membrane can often be shipped together on the same day from the same location! This can be a tremendous asset for customers who need material in time sensitive situations, or can save you money on transportation costs by shipping on one truck from one location.

The carbon and graphite products which have been developed in cooperation with the chemical and acid protection industries, have special characteristics which over many years have proved outstanding in numerous areas of chemical application for the lining of e.g. baths, reaction vessels, boilers etc., and as corrosion resistant floor coverings.
  Carbon and graphite linings have a high mechanical strength, good heat resistance and excellent stability to temperature changes.

Particularly under difficult chemical and technical conditions in which other materials have been lacking, the special combination of suitable physical and chemical properties of CECOLIT bricks have been extremely successful.

Products for Chemical Applications

  • For chemically resistant linings.
  • For use in pulp digesters, acid and lye tanks, reaction and stirring vessels, pickling plants etc.
  • In standard grade and also synthetic resin impregnated.
  • Hand molded bricks available.


Chemical Resistance   The Use of Acid Resistent Cements
Providing they have no oxidizing properties, CECOLIT A carbon brick can be extremely insensitive to all acids, sometimes resistant to even the highest concentrations of alkaline solutions. Alternating acid and alkali conditions and corrosive salt solutions are withstood by this carbon material as well. Chemical processes which involve various temperature and concentration cycles tend to see tremendous benefits from the use of CECOLIT A carbon brick linings.

The CECOLIT A, AX and AF brands offer varying degrees if resistance to certain chemicals. Although there is no difference in stability between CECOLIT A and AX, the higher density and lower porosity of CECOLIT AX makes it more effective in circumstances where erosion and oxidation occur. CECOLIT AF is resistant to oxidising acids up to 170o C and is impregnated with phenol resin. CECOLIT AF is unsuitable for strongly alkaline media.
  While selecting the most effective brick to use in an application is very important, it is but one piece of the puzzle. In many cases the stability of our carbon and graphite material is greater than that of the mortar and membrane used. Thus, when checking the effectiveness of the possible carbon or graphite materials, the effectiveness of the mortar and membrane to be used in the particular application should also be checked so that the effectiveness of the carbon brick lining are not compromised. Alphatherm Inc. offers a number of mortars and membranes which can be used in conjunction with carbon brick on sensitive projects.