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  Miscellaneous Products
Alphatherm Incorporated At Alphatherm we supply materials that are catered to meet a number of miscellaneous or specialty industrial needs. Some of these products include ceramic wear tiles and adhesives, ceramic sleeves, temperature resistant coatings, backer rod expansion jointing material, cure-accelerating concrete mixture, partition tile, Teflon, Vermiculite and much more.

Alphatherm has been successful over the years through an uncanny ability to source and supply the right products to meet our customers’ needs. If you have a need for a product that falls within our level of expertise, we will be glad to put our best effort into finding and supplying the right product for you!
  Clay Wine Hex Tile
  Our terra-cotta colored drain tiles are manufactured of the finest natural materials – including premium clays – and are meticulously crafted to exacting standards. When used as wine racks, these lovely tiles will embellish the beauty of your home with natural class and elegance.
Tile Size
Diameter (in.)
Laying Length (ft.)
Approx. shipping weight (lbs.)
Pieces per pallet
4 - Round
4 - Hex
  Alphatherm Clay Wine Hex Tile Diagram