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  Tufchem Tiling Systems
Alphatherm Incorporated With a Heritage extending over 75 years starting with the Pennwalt Corporation, ERGON Corrosion Engineering Department has provided innovative solutions for the complex industrial linings needs of the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Process Industries. Corrosion Engineering offers a range of corrosion resistant and antimicrobial systems that protect your investment and mitigate risk in the most challenging applications.
Alphatherm Incorporated Carbon Brick ERGON Tiling Systems (TTS) are an evolution of traditional direct bond brick and paver systems. TTS are designed to address the limitations of the traditional systems and provide exceptional physical performance, safety, and visual aesthetics all at a cost less than traditional systems.
  ERGON Tiling Systems (TTS) use fully vitrified pieces that are nonabsorbent and non-porous. All TTS slip resistant surface textures are integrally formed into the surface prior to vitrified firing. Inherently, TTS materials do not promote the growth of bacteria or fungus and serve as a barrier against microbial incursion that could be transmitted from your processing floor to other, harder to track, areas of your facility’s operation. See TTS R11 surface texture at the upper right.

TTS Anti-Slip StandardERGON Tiling Systems range in thickness from 18 mm (3/4”) to 50 mm (2”), and are installed in a variety of methods depending upon the requirements and budget of the specific project. TTS utilize a variety of resin based materials such as epoxy, furan, novolac and vinyl ester, to match the chemical resistance requirements of particular applications. Electro-static dissipating and conductive systems are also available. Where it is critical to ensure a moisture tight floor, ERGON Corrosion Engineering offers a full line of reliable membrane systems for any wet service or elevated floor applications. Available surfaces are shown in the lower-right photo.

Installation can be a competetive advantage...


  TTS Installation - Step Process
TTS Installation Step 1
TTS Installation Step 2
TTS Installation Step 3




TTS Installation Step 4
TTS Installation Step 5
TTS Installation Step 6
TTS Stainless Steel System Accessories
TTS Installation Finished

Alphatherm Prefabricated Expansion Joints
Prefabricated expansion joints

Alphatherm Cove Base and Wall Transitions
Cove Base and Wall transitions


Install primer, leveling bed, or membrane (optional).
Install perimeter banding and expansion joints at high points.
Direct bond TUFCHEM® Tile using Henkel THINSET® Adhesive.
Set TUFCHEM® Tile using Pressure Embedment Machine.
Flood grout side joints utilizing Power Grouting Machine.
Scour and clean finished floor surface.
Install coving and wall tiles.
  TUFCHEM® Tiling Systems (TTS) installation techniques have been proven for more than 20 years. The use of ultra-sonic pressure embedment of a direct bond THINSET® Adhesive bed, coupled with extremely efficient side jointing techniques using the full line of Henkel grouts and power grouting equipment effectively puts time back into your construction schedule and flooring dollars back into your pocket.

WARRANTY - TTS includes a comprehensive warranty that exceeds those traditionally offered by brick and tile system manufacturers and suppliers.

Alphatherm Tufchem Tiling Systems        Alphatherm Tufchem Tiling Systems

  Tufchem Tiling Systems
  are dense, non-absorbent and do not promote bacterial or fungal growth. include a fully vitrified tile manufactured with integrated spacer lugs for consistent narrow joints and increased installation productivity. provide a flat lip-free floor through dimensional and orthogonal uniformity without equal. exhibit superior durability and resistance to: chemical attack heavy mechanical loading high impact loading thermal cycling and frost abrasion include a wide range of sizes, shapes, surface textures, and color choices. Do not experience color loss with exposure to U.V. rays or aggressive cleaning chemistry. use only first quality vitrified tiles and accessory pieces.