FURALAC™ Special Mortar

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FURALAC™ Special Mortar

Two Component Silica-filled Furan Brick Mortar

FURALAC Special Mortar is a versatile two component, chemically resistant furan resin based brick mortar. It is widely used as multi-purpose chemical resistant mortar for bonding chemically-resistant brick or tiles and renders excellent bond strength, high chemical resistance, and reliable curing and handling characteristics. FURALAC Special Mortar powder contains no carbon fillers, and is suitable for use where the broad chemical resistance of a non carbon filled furan resin mortar is required

FURALAC Special is ideally suited for use against lead and nickel/chrome alloy membranes where carbon filled mortars can create a corrosive “electrolytic cell,” or anywhere else a non carbon filled furan mortar is desired.

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