Insulating Firebrick

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Insulating Firebrick

Also known as SoftBricks. These are high temperature, lightweight refractory which are used as primarily hot face refractory linings or as back-up insulation behind other refractory in furnaces, flues, and kilns and similar high temperature industrial equipment. Available in the following grades 2000⁰,2300⁰, 2600⁰, 2800⁰, 3000⁰ 


High Insulating Value: The light weight and high insulating value make possible thinner furnace walls, improved efficiency and lower operating costs. 

Strong: The high compressive strength of IFB allows for self-supporting structures at elevated temperatures. IFB are compatible with dense fire brick, and add strength to the whole construction. 

Low Heat Storage: Lower heat storage versus dense brick means reduced fuel costs and faster heat-ups in cyclically operated heating equipment. 

High Purity: Low in impurities such as iron, which can adversely affect refractory performance in many applications. They are used in many furnaces with controlled atmospheres. 

Accurate Dimensions: Machined to precise dimensions, courses can be laid quickly and easily, and the result is a stronger, tighter refractory lining resulting in less heat loss through the joints.

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