PENNCHEM™ Novolac Concrete

PENNCHEM™ Novolac Concrete

Three Component Silica-filled Novolac Epoxy Polymer Concrete

PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete is a high functional novolac epoxy resin based thermosetting polymer concrete suitable for cast-in-place and precast applications. It is well suited for one-step construction or restoration of flooring, pads, piers, footings, foundations, trenches and sumps in aggressive chemical, thermal or mechanical service. In certain environments, PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete can serve as a time- saving alternative to acid resistant brick linings. For complete installation instructions, consult ErgonArmor installation specification CES-360.

Areas of Use

Restoration, protection, and construction of concrete
• Floors, pads, piers, footings, foundations, curbing
• Trenches and sumps
• Areas exposed to severe wear-and-tear, thermal shock or chemicals
• In place of acid resistant brick lining


• Resistant to a wide range of aggressive acids, alkalis and solvents
• Thermal shock resistant
• Abrasion and impact resistant
• Low porosity and absorption
• High compressive strength
• 100% reactive – contains no VOCs
• Low shrinkage
• Non-combustible when cured
• Easy to place and finish
• Can be sloped for positive drainage

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