PENNCHEM™ Novolac XF Grout

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PENNCHEM™ Novolac XF Grout

Structural Novolac Epoxy Grout

PENNCHEM Novolac XF Grout is a 3-component, high flow structural novolac epoxy grout designed with low shrinkage and superior flow characteristics for grouting and casting applications. It may be placed 3/4 inches (20 mm) to 2 inches (50 mm) deep.


Restoring and protecting Portland cement concrete structures in chemical environments that exceed the capabilities of conventional epoxy grouts such as:

Beams                             Columns

Machine bases             Pads

Floors                              Piers

Foundations                 Piles

Footings                         Pedestals

Grouting base plates of rotating and reciprocating machinery such as:

Balls mills                      Pumps

Blowers                         Mixers

Centrifuges                 Generators

Crushers                       Stamping Machines

Compressors              Paper mill machines


• High flow, self-leveling properties
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Contains no VOCs
• Fast set
• Excellent vibration resistance
• High physical strength
• Good bond to concrete and metal surfaces

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