PENNTROWEL™ N13 Surfacer

PENNTROWEL™ N13 Surfacer

1/4 in High Performance Thermal Shock Resistant Novolac Epoxy Surfacer

PENNTROWEL N13 Surfacer is a heavy-duty, trowel applied floor topping and concrete repair mortar featuring high functional novolac epoxy resin and a dense blend of fillers. As a resinous flooring system, it is applied over PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer (CE-139) at 1/4-inch for low to high traffic areas and at 3/8-inch for severe impact or thermal shock areas. It is hard, dense, abrasion resistant, and withstands a range of acids, alkalis and solvents. Though no topcoat is required over PENNTROWEL N13 Surfacer, PENNCOAT™ 227 Lining may be used as a topcoat for a smoother, glossier finish or to add more texture.

Areas of Use

• Flooring exposed to chemicals, traffic, impact, abrasion or thermal cycling
• Chemical storage areas, mix stations and tank farms
• Truck unloading pads
• Concrete floor repair and resurfacing


• Supplied in conveniently proportioned, easy-to-mix kits
• Easy to trowel by hand or power trowel
• Outstanding chemical resistance
• Resists thermal shock
• Excellent resistance to mechanical abuse

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