THINSET™ Adhesive

THINSET™ Adhesive

Epoxy Tile Adhesive

THINSET Adhesive is a 100% solids 3 component tile and floor paver adhesive.


• Dairies, bakeries, breweries and distilleries
• Meat and poultry processing plants
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Chemical process facilities
• Bonds steel floor plate to concrete
• Adhesive for pressure-embedded TUFCHEM™ Tiling Systems


• Exceeds ANSI A118.3 requirements
• Economical – narrowest practical thickness may be used
• Excellent resistance to moderate acids, alkalis, and solvents
• Easy-to-spread, creamy consistency
• Pre-portioned for easy on-the-job mixing
• Good resistance to thermal shock
• Good tolerance for damp surfaces
• Low odor – ideal for repairs to operating plants
• Alternative hardener available for low temperature application conditions

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