K14™ Mortar

K14™ Mortar

High Temperature Potassium Silicate Brick Mortar

K14 Mortar is a 2-component, halogen-free high temperature potassium silicate brick mortar used to bond and bed acid brick in chemical environments.


• Butter industrial ceramics such as acid brick and firebrick
• Brick linings in roasters, kilns, scrubber hot gas inlets, furnaces, dryers, boilers, incinerators, chlorinators, reactors and other chemical process equipment
• Use where temperature conditions exceed capabilities of conventional potassium silicate mortars
• Use where refractory mortars do not offer sufficient chemical resistance


• High temperature resistance
• Creamy, buttery consistency
• Resists strong oxidizing acids including nitric, chromic and sulfuric
• Low shrinkage
• High bond strength
• No acid washing required
• Fluoride-, sodium- and calcium-free eliminates potential sulfation hydration reactions

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