PENNCOAT™ 227/227 MR Lining

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PENNCOAT™ 227/227 MR Lining

30 mil Novolac Epoxy Lining

PENNCOAT 227 and 227 MR Linings are flake-filled, high functional novolac epoxy polymer lining systems for concrete and steel. As a stand-alone lining, PENNCOAT 227 Lining is applied in two 10 – 12 mil coats for a total lining thickness of 20 – 24 mils. It may also be used as a topcoat over other compatible lining systems. Though no primer is required for adhesion to steel substrates, concrete substrates are first sealed with PENNTROWEL™ Epoxy Primer (CE-139). For enhanced durability, crack-bridging, and film build, PENNCOAT 227 MR Lining includes chopped strand fiberglass mat reinforcement (MR).

Areas of Use

• Secondary containment
• Steel process vessels and storage tanks
• Steel ducts, stacks and other corrosive flue gas handling equipment
• Flooring subject to foot and forklift traffic, chemical splash and spill
• Topcoat for PENNTROWEL Surfacers and SB/SBR Systems


• Exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, and solvents
• Flake fillers impart low permeability
• Optional mat reinforcement enhances durability, crack-bridging, and film build
• Contains no VOCs – 100% reactive
• Suitable for brush, roller or spray application

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