PENNCOAT™ 310/310 MR Lining

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PENNCOAT™ 310/310 MR Lining

Flake filled Vinyl Ester Lining

PENNCOAT 310 Lining is a flake filled vinyl ester lining system with excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acids and many aliphatic solvents. PENNCOAT 310 MR Lining incorporates a 1 oz mat reinforcement into the primer layer to reduce crack transmission.


• Broad resistance to most acids, alkalis and aliphatic solvents
• Flake filled to reduce permeability
• Chopped strand mat in the primer layer of PENNCOAT 310 MR Lining reduces potential for concrete crack transmission.
• Installation by airless spray, roller or brush


• Tank linings
• Steel structures
• Chemical resistant floor coating
• Chemical splash and spill area
• Secondary containment lining

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