PENNTROWEL™ Vinyl Ester 60/60 MR Lining System

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PENNTROWEL™ Vinyl Ester 60/60 MR Lining System

60 mil Silica-filled Vinyl Ester Lining with Optional Mat Reinforcement

PENNTROWEL Vinyl Ester 60/60 MR Lining is a 60 – 65 mil vinyl ester-based monolithic lining system. The system consists of a penetrating primer, followed by a 60 mil trowel applied base coat. An optional final topcoat can be added to seal the lining and adjust finished surface texture.

To upgrade the system, PENNTROWEL Vinyl Ester 60 MR can be specified. This option incorporates a glass mat reinforcement layer and saturant over the primer to minimize crack transmission into the lining in the event cracks emanate from the concrete.

For immersion service it is suggested to specify the upgraded MR system. PENNTROWEL Vinyl Ester 60 MR Lining has been formulated to perform in chemical immersion, as well as splash and spill. The system can perform well in the wide range of temperatures common to sumps, trenches, pits and vessels.

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