TUFCHEM™ Epoxy Polymer Concrete

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TUFCHEM™ Epoxy Polymer Concrete

Epoxy Polymer Concrete

Tufchem Epoxy Polymer Concrete is a versatile 3-component epoxy polymer concrete designed with low shrinkage, low exotherm, and high flow for casting applications. It may be placed 1.5 in (40 mm) to 12 in (300 mm) deep.


• Floors, walls, trenches and sumps
• Foundations, footings, pads and pedestals
• Beams, columns, curbs and piers
• Precast structures, shapes and assemblies
• Utility vaults
• Railroad ties
• Railcar chemical unloading containment dikes
• Deep pour structural machine base grout
• Releveling floors before installing acid brick linings or TUFCHEM Tiling Systems
• Rapid repair to deteriorated acid brick floors
• Aprons around anchored thermoplastic lined trenches and sumps
• Grout behind anchored thermoplastic liners for trench and sump refurbishments


• Proportioned components for easy mixing
• Low exotherm allows deep pours up to 12 in (300 mm) without overheating
• Easy to place and finish
• Stiffness and slump are adjustable to accommodate varying slopes and clearances
• Good resistance to a broad range of chemicals

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