ACROCAST™ Concrete

ACROCAST™ Concrete

Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete

ACROCAST Concrete is a 3-component vinyl ester polymer concrete designed for casting applications at least 1.5 inches (40 mm) thick that will be exposed to oxidizing acids or alkaline chemicals.


• Line or rehab floors, walls, trenches and sumps
• Fill cavities of structural glazed tile
• Foundations, footings, pads and pedestals
• Beams, columns, curbs and piers
• Precast structures, shapes and assemblies
• Rapid repair to deteriorated acid brick floors
• Aprons around ACROLINE™ anchored thermoplastic lined trenches and sumps


• Resistant to strong oxidizers, bleach solutions and alkalis
• Good flow characteristics
• Excellent vibration resistance
• High physical strength
• Good bond to concrete and metal surfaces
• Rapid strength gain

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