PENNCOAT™ 221 Lining

PENNCOAT™ 221 Lining

80 mil Flake Filled Novolac Epoxy Lining

PENNCOAT 221 Lining is an 80 mil high functional novolac epoxy flake filled lining formulated for trowel application on horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. For most applications, two coats are recommended at 40 mils WFT per coat. Use with PENNTROWEL™ Epoxy Primer (CE-139) on concrete substrates. No primer is required for adhesion to prepared steel substrates.

Areas of Use

• Chemical resistant lining for concrete or steel structures
• Chemical immersion, secondary containment, or splash-and-spill service
• Flooring, including floors subject to truck traffic
• Flue gas desulfurization plant ductwork and stacks, up to 250°F (120°C)


• High functional novolac epoxy resin offers excellent chemical resistance
• Flake fillers yield low permeability
• Sag resistant up to 40 mils per coat on verticals
• May be spark tested on metal substrates
• Suitable for trowel application on vertical, overhead, or horizontal surfaces
• 100% reactive, no VOCs

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