PENNTROWEL™ SB/SBR Flooring Systems

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PENNTROWEL™ SB/SBR Flooring Systems

60-125 mil Slurry applied Silica-filled Epoxy Lining

PENNTROWEL SB (Slurry Broadcast) and SBR (Slurry Broadcast Reinforced) Flooring Systems are premium quality chemical resistant floor lining systems. They are designed for fast installation in mild to moderately demanding chemical service by utilizing squeegee/broadcast methods of installation. PENNTROWEL SB systems are available in three specific generic compositions to address a wide variety of chemical exposures. The available systems include: Vinyl ester resin incorporating a novolac backbone molecular structure, a bisphenol A epoxy system, and a high functionality grade novolac epoxy resin utilizing a modified cycloaliphatic amine hardening system for superior cross linking. These systems are ideal for protecting flooring subjected to chemical spillage, fork lift traffic, impact, and abrasion. Thickness can be varied from 40 mils (.040 in) to 3/8 in (.375 in) by utilizing different sized aggregates, and varying the number of seeding steps. When the crack bridging advantages of a glass mat reinforcement are desired, the optional PENNTROWEL SBR grade may be specified, which utilizes a 1 oz chopped strand glass mat reinforcement in the primer layer.

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