TUFCHEM™ Tiling Systems

TUFCHEM™ Tiling Systems

Chemical-resistant Vitrified Floor Tiling System

TUFCHEM Tiling Systems are direct-bonded, pressure embedded and power grouted fully vitrified tile flooring systems. The dense, impervious tiles feature integrally molded side joint spacers and a range of surface texture options to strike the right balance between walk work surface safety and ease of cleaning. Choose from traditional rectangular or modern hexagonal tiles available in an assortment of colors. Vibration setting compacts the epoxy THINSET™ Adhesive or THINSET Novolac Adhesive bedding to maximize effective bearing area and tenaciously bond the tiles to the substrate. Power grouting with water cleanable PENNROWEL™ EZ Grout 100 or 200 makes use of the built-in spacers and produces narrow side joints.

Areas of Use

• Food processing plants
• Bakeries
• Breweries and distilleries
• Bottling plants
• Meat and poultry processing plants
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Chemical process facilities
• Institutional kitchens


• Self-spacing tiles enable high installation productivity
• Lower installed cost than conventional paver systems.
• Vibration setting minimizes tile lippage
• Hexagonal field tiling conforms tightly to changing slopes on floors with central drains
• Numerous solid and mingled color options create a uniquely attractive floor
• Choice of abrasion-resistant integrally molded surface textures to provide well-balanced slip resistance.
• Ease of cleaning for different processing environments.
• Antimicrobial by design.

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