THINSET™ Novolac Adhesive – Silica

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THINSET™ Novolac Adhesive – Silica

Novolac Epoxy Tile Adhesive

Thinset Novolac Adhesive – Silica is a 100% solids, 3-component silica-filled novolac epoxy tile and floor paver adhesive.


High strength bonding adhesive for tile, ceramic, brick, pavers, masonry and steel plates in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical process areas subject to:
• Severe impact
• Thermal shock
• Strong sulfuric acid
• Strong caustic soda


• Exceptional adhesive bond strength
• Superior resistance to strong acids, alkalis and solvents
• Enhances thermal shock resistance of bonded tile and pavers
• Low odor
• Excellent handling
• Damp surface tolerant

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